Monday, July 21, 2014

Mens Long Sleeve Casual Slim Fit Luxury Stylish Dress Shirts

Mens Long Sleeve Casual Slim Fit Luxury Stylish Dress Shirts
Many men are not aware about the importance of appearance, The men considered that only care about the appearance of women's affairs.

There is the assumption that for men, appearance is not everything. The most important thing for men so that a couple who considered the ideal is to work hard and be successful, both physically and spiritually.

The presumption that arises because of the size of the interest of women to men is not based on appearance. However, it is based on the ability of men to protect them physically and spiritually.

Men do not realize that much of what was actually an incorrect assumption. In fact, women also use performance criteria in choosing a man, even if they are not put at the top of the performance criteria. However, it shows that the appearance of an element is an important element in the effort to make the man became interested in women's eyes.

One part of the element that is often judged by the appearance of women is fashion. By assessing the way men dress, women will be able to assess the personality of the man.

The question is, what clothing should we wear that we, as men, to look good in front of women? Actually, the key in choosing clothes that draw is not located on the expensive or cheap clothing. However, there are other things more essence, one of which is the body shape.

The following are tips to dress according to the type of attractive body shape of each of the men:

Type 1 Short Bodied Men
Proportional height is one of the criteria for the interests of women against men.

Have a proportionate height does not mean having towering height, but have slender height so that auras valor be radiated.

For men who have a short body, proportional height is a complicated issue, especially when choosing clothing. However, it can be overcome by choosing clothes that fit.

For men who are short, it is advisable to choose a vertical striped clothing because the clothing will give the impression of "high" on everyone who sees it. In addition, the choice of hanging pants at the ankles is obligatory choice for us to look as if it has a proportional body.

Selection of pants that exceed or even less than an ankle election should not be done because of the selection of the two types of pants will actually show men's short body.

2 Type Male Bodied High Skinny
Men with high lean body shape advised to wear clothes that really fit with the body. Size fitting in this case is not too loose, but not too narrow.

Choice of clothing that is too loose will only make the man's body becomes as if "drowned" in the outfit. While the choice of clothes that will actually accentuate the narrow terlelu emaciation of his body, which is actually a thin body shape is not proportional.

3 Type of Fat Bodied Men
Men with chubby body types actually have a similar problem with the skinny guy, the problem in terms of weight. Therefore, the selection of clothes that really fit, which is not too loose and not too tight, be the selection of highly recommended.

In addition, overweight men should avoid dresses that color contrast and horizontal patterned. To add to the illusion of a proportional body shape, you should use colors that blend worth between superiors and